Our Story

Valeri Miller has been married to Dr. John Miller (family physician in Seneca, SC), for over 30 years and is the mother of two grown children and one grandchild. 

She has been a caregiver for the last seventeen years caregiving for her grandmother, mother-in-law, father-in-law and father sometimes all at the same time. She kept a journal of the many lessons the Lord has graciously taught her through these experiences. She is also a nurse but had to give up her career in order to stay home and €œnurse€ her relatives.

Our Goal

"I understand the joy as well as the stress of caring for your loved ones. I, at times, did not want to be there but neither would I have chosen to be anywhere else. It is a long road! A road I have traveled and now desire to support and encourage other caregivers on their journey. I also want to encourage church families to reach out to the homebound as well as the caregiver. As the Lord allows, I desire to be a source of information and encouragement for caregivers, churches and families." - Valeri Miller 

Caregivers face many challenges  

physical, emotional, social and spiritual.  As a caregiver for the last 17 years, I am fully aware of many of the challenges caregivers face everyday. You are not alone...there is encouragement available. 

Whether your loved one is in your home

an assisted living home or a nursing home, this site has been developed to give you that practical encouragement as well as the spiritual foundation to face each day with a sense of God's presence.