Happy New Year!?

As I have traveled and listened to people this past year, I have come to a new understanding regarding parents and their grown children. Many families live near each other and take care of each other i.e. grandparents taking care of grandchildren, adult children taking care of parents. On the other hand, I have talked with some who adamantly state, “I will never live or move near my children!”

What is the difference and why?  If adult children do not foster a relationship with their parents or grandparents while they are able to be independent, why should they expect the parent or grandparent to accommodate them when they are too old to care for themselves?  I hear anger in the elderly. I hear frustration in the adult children because their loved one will not come live with them or at least near them.

I understand both sides of the issue.  I would like to challenge both sides to make a concerted effort in 2015 to foster the relationships between the generations. One quick suggestion: With instant access today, snap a picture with your cell phone and send it to their email or cell phone on a regular basis.  Pictures pique interest and generate an atmosphere of ‘you want me to be a part of your world’.  Teach your children to video chat with their grandparents and grandparents use the computer/phone to communicate with your children and grandchildren. Make time for contact! Life can be a never ending treadmill. Stop for just a second and snap a picture and encourage each other on the journey.  

Psalm 90:12 "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."