Gray Hair

October – beautiful fall weather – wish you were outside? If you are a caregiver, that is not always an option. However, if at all possible, take your loved one out to sit on the porch, for a walk, or ride in their wheelchair, or at least open the windows and air out the house. (Be sure the fresh air does not blow directly on your elderly loved one).

As the leaves change colors and display their brilliance, take a moment to enjoy God’s amazing display of color. God loves color i.e. – the colors of the rainbow, Joseph’s coat of many colors, Rahab’s scarlet cord, our black sins will be washed whiter than snow, green pastures. Prov. 16:31 “a gray head is a crown of glory”; Prov. 20:29 “the beauty of old men is the gray head. The seasons of life also have their beautiful “colors”. Be proud of your gray hair! You earned every one of them!