His Word First!

This has seemed for most of the country the winter that will not end. It can be very bleak and depressing to some. Similarly, caring for our aging loved ones can seem bleak and never ending at times. I often encourage caregivers to not neglect reading their Bible DAILY for the support and help needed to cope with every need during the day (and night).

I am in the habit of reading my Bible on my phone before I get out of bed every morning. I recently got a new phone and for three days I did not have my Bible on my new phone. I was surprised how much I missed my morning Bible reading! (Yes, I have a real Bible I could have read, but once I get up the day is “on a roll” and it is hard for me to make the time for sitting and reading.) So, again, I want to encourage everyone to make the time for daily Bible reading. Just as spring is sure to arrive, a better countenance and attitude "will arrive in your heart", if you put His Word first!