Labor Day

Labor Day - A day set aside to cease from our labors and celebrate the privilege of working and resting.  For caregivers, the work is never done and there is no rest for the moment.  However, I can think of three caregivers immediately who are coming to the end of their care giving journey.  It is not easy...waiting and wondering when God will take them home.  I visited a lady this week who cannot understand why it is taking so long.  I encouraged her to spend her days praying for others. 

I would also encourage you with a story of my mother-in-law's last couple of weeks.  She had congestive heart failure and one night 'we nearly lost her'. The next morning she talked about what she had experienced and she told me she had seen her parents, her husband, her former pastor, my mother...all who are currently with the Lord.  She asked me what I thought that meant.  God in his wisdom had me encourage her with the thought "heaven is just a step away". She and I firmly believe she was at that time at heaven's gate and it is just a 'step away'.  After that episode, she had such peace and was no longer fearful of what might happen when the end was near.  She knew the God she served every day of her life would be there for the next 'step away from this life'. 

What a privilege for me to share in this moment and share with you my readers.  For those of you facing a loved one's departure..."Heaven is just a step away". Take comfort and rejoice with your loved one who knows Jesus as their personal Savior and will soon step away from you but step into life everlasting!