Psalm 142:3 "When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then You knew my path..."

As a caregiver, I frequently felt overwhelmed inside. I also felt it absolutely necessary to keep it bottled up inside and be the "sweet daughter/wife" I was expected to be to all my family.  It was during these times of stress, I fell on my knees (sometimes literally and sometimes within my heart) and cried out to God asking for relief, comfort, strength to keep going, get the picture.

It was a time of tremendous difficulty but I wouldn't change the last 17 years for anything.  I have learned that when all else fails...when everyone deserts....when no one understands...God will wrap his arms around you and bring you into the shelter of his wings and lift you up to face another day. Only it does not seem like "just another day".  It is now another day to sense God's presence and to enjoy the burden of caregiving because He is shouldering that burden and it does seem lighter!

May you personally sense His presence and be encouraged for today!

I welcome your thoughts and prayers as we continue to be a nation of caregivers.