Take Time for Yourself

I have a friend who has had a number of health issues with herself, her 9 year old son, her husband’s family and her extended family. Several weeks ago, her grandmother passed away in a state that required an 8 hour+ drive for the funeral. Below is her response to the stress: 

I was feeling overwhelmed. I knew I should have gone straight home from work. I had suitcases to pack, people to call, and a million other things to do, BUT the gift certificate I received for my birthday in March was calling me from the bottom of my purse and I knew I just had to STOP. And take…care…of… me. So, I got a pedicure. ONE hour to feel regrouped, relaxed, and refreshed. Now I can take care of everything else…”

God gave her wisdom to take a moment for herself and then she was able to tackle the rest of her obligations. 

Do not feel guilty for taking time for yourself. 

Pray for God's wisdom in what is put in your path today!