Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia

Alzheimer’s…Dementia…Senility…How to deal with the consequences of a lost mind without losing yours!

Paraphrased from a reader who cared for his wife for almost 20 years: 

Sometimes when an Alzheimer’s patient is acting out or agitated, it may be that they are afraid. If you were ever lost as a child, you may remember how that little fear and panic began to set in and overcome you.  It is the same for an Alzheimer’s patient who is lost in their mind, because they may not know where they are or who they are.  Their agitation may be from their inability to communicate what they want or need.  Speak softly and calmly, holding their hand or giving them a hug if they will allow you to do so.

Make it a point to always stop by their chair, even if they are sleeping, to touch them, hold their hand and bend down quietly to speak in their ear of your love and support. Also, state your name in the same calm and loving voice.  Reinforce your name every time you interact with them.  It is not their fault, they cannot remember who you are, it is the disease.