Merry Christmas to our Caregivers!

My fervent prayer and wish for all caregivers is peace and encouragement during this season of remembering the difficult life Jesus endured for us.  How can we not rejoice in His birth!

Alzheimer’s …Dementia (cont.)

As I have talked with many across the country, dementia and its effects on loved ones, seems to be the subject most asked about or discussed.  I hope you are not tired of this subject but I would like to give some practical tips for nutritional support.

Have you noticed your loved one’s appetite does not seem to be the same as it used to be? Two reasons come to mind: 1) they are not as active and therefore not as hungry 2) Their visual perception has changed.  What do I mean by “visual perception” has changed?  If you put white potatoes, white meat chicken, and green beans on a white plate…they will only eat the green beans because the white on white food is not visible to them.  Solution: Place the above food on a solid contrasting color plate so all the food is clearly visible.  Notice I said solid plate, not a plate with flowers or a design on it.  The flowers or other design looks like food and they will pick at them and become frustrated because they cannot get “the food”.   

For further practical tips and insights go to YouTube: Biblical Caregiving and listen to the lesson on Dementia.