Merry Christmas, 2017!

Merry Christmas!

Another year has come and gone.  How much TIME have you spent with your senior loved ones this year?

Time is the number one gift you can give, but what are some other gifts you can give to the elderly in your care?  There are many gifts I would NOT recommend: perfume, powder, makeup, knick-knacks, new ‘techno’ gadgets to name a few.

What are some good gifts?  Fuzzy socks with rubber dots on the bottom, a twin-size electric blanket, flowers are ok – but make sure they are not overly fragrant, a new pillow and sheet set, or new towels.  Please note: if you purchase a new towel and washcloth for the elderly, make sure it is “thin” but soft.  Thick and luxurious towels are only wonderful for non-arthritic hands.  Pre-made meals for one (one cup size for one person) to put in the freezer are always welcome.  Sugar free cough drops or candy are great to place near their chair or bedside.  Light-weight drinking cups with a lid and an optional straw are wonderful to prevent spills from shaky hands.  Christmas mail is also wonderful.  I have seen many seniors who still love to get mail.  (That is snail-mail not email).

Love your senior adults, spend time with them and live with NO REGRETS!