Write it down!

Write it Down!

My heart goes out first and foremost to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey!  The images are devastating!  What will be salvaged from the partially to wholly flooded homes?  Last month I wrote a ‘to-do’ list before taking a vacation from your loved one.

This month I would like to recommend an activity that means a great deal.  My father was a WWII veteran but never spoke of the war.  After my mother died suddenly, to help pass the time, my father wrote his autobiography including his time in the war.  He always wanted it published in book form but the best I could do was get it spiral bound on 8.5 x 11 paper.  He is now deceased, but I would like to encourage you to get your loved ones’ stories ‘down in writing’ and produce a book not only to preserve your loved ones memories but to also pass their stories to the next generation and beyond.

With that in mind, there are several internet options to facilitate the book and you can even go to your local office or printing store and they will help.  However, compiling a book and gathering pictures can seem very overwhelming.  I was introduced to one option, www.catchmystory.com, and am impressed with their ease of use and encouraging simplicity in the collection of your story!  From the owner of the website: “I invite you to visit CatchMyStory to watch the video and click on HELP to see the tools that make it fun and easy to do. Please feel free to contact me via email: david@catchmystory.com or 704-698-5948 with questions, comments, or to share your story.”  Coupon Code: BCG (David Holton)

Let me know if you use this service or something else but most importantly “write it down”

I will also be teaching a class for caregivers, September 27 from 9-10:30 at OLLI in Clemson, SC.

Click on this link to register:  https://reg138.imperisoft.com/ClemsonUniversity/Search/Registration.aspx