February, 2019 LOVE!

The word for this month is of course LOVE!  As a caregiver, you know how easy it is to always love the person you are caring for but at the same time it is really, really hard to love their actions at times!  During the really, really hard times, it is important to love yourself as well and take a much-needed break.   Many Assisted Living facilities offer respite care.  There are also community resources available in most areas that can provide adult day-care, in-home assistance and other services.  Consider the new grocery delivery option that may lighten the burden of shopping with your loved one or finding someone to stay with them while you have to leave the house.  The best way to find qualified help is “word of mouth” but you can also go to ‘Community Resource Finder’ on the internet and locate the resources you need quickly. 

If someone is coming into your home to help, have a notebook ready to share your loved ones needs and wants.  One section would be Daily Activities…the next section, Medication Schedule…the next, Favorite likes and dislikes…the next, Emergency Phone Numbers and finally a DNR form if applicable.  Place notebook paper in each section for your caregiver to make notes on what was accomplished while you were away.  THEN, take time to care for your heart this month by truly relaxing. You may enjoy window shopping or reading a good book or simply going for a walk and enjoying God’s beautiful creation!  Spend time praying and praising God for His provision!