The word for today is wandering.  Wanting to leave their home, or current place of living is unfortunately all too common for the elderly.  What are some safety tips to help keep our loved ones safe?  There are expensive door locks and childproof door knob covers but a simple alarm is to hang some bells on the top of the door using a wreath holder or tie them around the handle.  These can be placed on any indoor or outdoor room you do not want your loved one to enter. Another sensory help is to place a large sign on the doors telling them what is on the other side in words or a picture.  Find or make a large stop sign for any door leading outside or to a room you do not want them to enter.  Above all, treat them with respect and explain what the signs mean in a soft, encouraging tone not in a reprimanding tone you would use with a child.  Then pray much!

Psalm 29:11 “The Lord will give strength unto his people, He will bless His people with peace.”