The word for today is moving.  When the time comes either voluntarily or of necessity to move your loved one out of their house, what do you do with all the furnishings and knick-knacks?  The clean - out can be daunting!  The first item to tackle is the paperwork.  Sort everything by date and if it is over 10 years old and of no tax or estate value put it in a garbage bag to be shredded or burned.  After the paperwork is done, go through every nook and cranny from the attic to the basement to see if there are hidden valuables or money. One family found over $40,000 hidden in various places around the house including the freezer!  Be sure to document the valuables and share with the siblings what was found and where you have moved them. What furniture and clothes your loved one does not need, or if they have died, you can try to sell them or donate them to a charity. Some Hospice houses need slender clothes for their patient’s families to bury their loved ones. (Typically, they had lost too much weight to fit into their regular clothes before they died.) Another quality location is your local women’s shelter. The shelter tries to provide clothing for the women to go on job interviews. Most secondhand stores are delighted to send a truck to your location to pick up unwanted items in good condition. If you have time, think creatively and ask around for places to take your items.  I was able to take excellent fiction books to my local private school for their library.  Do not be in a hurry and do ask for help! (As one who has had to go through 5 different family members possessions after they died, for the sake of the living, go through and get rid of unwanted and unnecessary items today!)