August, 2019

Depression – I am depressed just writing this word.  Depression is so prevalent among both the elderly and their caregivers.  My father used to question why he was still living and missed his wife terribly.  Many elderly who live alone tend to feel the loneliness on a daily basis.  Even if family members live nearby or in the same home, the need to communicate with someone is very much desired.  I recently have begun visiting an elderly couple who live with their daughter and granddaughter.  They would love to talk all the time to their daughter but obviously she has other responsibilities.  She reached out to her church family and asked if someone would come and visit.  They would not have to talk - just listen to the old stories.  Unfortunately, no one came. The next request was to offer to pay someone to just come and sit and listen to her parents and fellowship with them.  Still, no one came.  This was the saddest story I have heard lately.  Both the parents and the daughter battle with depression.  What can we do to help?  VISIT, VISIT, VISIT!  Visits do not have to be more than 30 minutes but if they knew someone would be coming on a regular basis, it would give them something to look forward to each week.  Going back to my father, every time he expressed how much he wanted to go home to heaven, I encouraged him to be our prayer warrior.  He also had a photo flip album with missionary prayer cards. He would flip the page every day and pray for the ‘missionary of the day’.  As the elderly saints graduate to heaven, we need to take up their mantle and be the prayer warriors of today for our seniors and their caregivers!