September, 2019 Labor

Labor Day!  Caregivers thank you so much for your labor of love you give day in and day out!  Caregivers never get a day, or night, off unless they hire other caregivers to take their place.  How do you ask or hire other people to take your place so you can have a day or more off from your caregiving duties?  There are more and more licensed caregiver groups who are able to give care at a moments notice.  Be sure to check their references and online reviews.  Friends are preferable, but many do not feel up to the task of caring for an elderly person no matter how often they visit.  Family members may not be able to help either.  Be careful to maintain an attitude of hope and avoid resentment if none of these options are available.  Caregiving will not last forever although it may seem to last a lifetime!  Take joy in knowing your labor will not be in vain as God, himself, will reward your faithful service!