Thanksgiving – a time to count our blessings. We have many. We have the privilege of caring for our family across multiple generations. How do we welcome this privilege across the generations? 

The children need to learn from the older generation. 

1. How was Thanksgiving celebrated 50+ years ago?

2. What food was served? 

     a. What was their favorite recipe?

     b. How did they make it and can they teach us how to make it today?

3. What is a favorite tradition they would like to pass on to the next generation?

We as caregivers can facilitate the exchange of information and respect during this holiday season. We also need to encourage our loved ones to not ‘cook all alone’, preparing everything for the family.  We need to encourage our loved ones to teach the younger generation: how to cook a turkey, how to bake a pie, etc. By cooking together, and making the older generation feel useful in teaching the younger generation, and asking the younger generation to respect and be willing to learn and listen to their grandparents, you will find less to worry about. You will also be addressing a need for safety in the kitchen. Let the younger generation lift the heavy pans and be sure the stove is turned off when done cooking! 

Does this always happen conflict free? No, but the end result will be remembered long after the meal is cleared. What will your family remember?