To insist or not to insist...?

I have recently been asked, on several different occasions, the following question:

“My “Mom or Dad” does not want to get out of the house.  How important is it to get them up and moving and out socializing or is it ok to let them sit at home all the time?”

The answer is either one!  It is important to help keep their mind active by getting out of the house and interacting with other people.  This can be done by going shopping, going to the hairdresser, going to a senior center for entertainment or attending a movie.  It is also important to take them to their church or attend an event in the community such as a play or a concert.    Old hymns and music will quickly soothe an agitated mind. Be sensitive to the stamina and health of your loved one if you do take them out of the house.

On the other hand, it is your loved ones’ choice to go out or stay home.  After 70+ years, they have earned the right to do nothing if that is their choice.  My sister is a retired librarian and she now loves to sit and read all the books she never had time to read while she was still working. 

Whether you go out of the house or stay at home, there are ways to stimulate the body and mind through walking, reading, and playing games with your loved ones.  Playing older music or hymns, providing the newspaper, puzzle books or even adult coloring books will also provide stimulation.  Time spent with your loved one is never time wasted!

Please comment on your tried and true method of stimulation for your loved ones.