July, 2018 Selfishness!

Selfishness – I just had a new granddaughter and am amazed at how selfish I can be regarding my time.  My granddaughter can do nothing for herself and is very demanding when she wants to eat.  I once said, “All babies do is eat, sleep, and cry”.  I think that is still true but as a grandma, I love it! 

As caregivers of the elderly, we may feel our loved ones are demanding of our time as well.  Many times, I battled with selfishness: this is my house, my kitchen, my dining room…don’t tell me what to do!  But what is our purpose in caregiving?  From the cradle to the grave it is this: To show love to everyone else, while giving God the work of changing my heart!  Thank God for the opportunities to serve and enjoy our freedom today!