How should we respond to our aging loved ones when they act like children? Does God expect us to love them when they are demanding and want what they want, now? Thrust into the role of caring for a grandmother, an aging father, and eventually in-laws, Valeri Miller experienced emotions ranging from love to anger; from isolation to social strain. As family members struggled with a loss of independence and the prison of their frail bodies, Valeri had her struggles as well. While striving to show love and care to everyone else, God was doing a much-needed work in her own heart. "Who Cares? God's Path for the Caregiver" is packed with spiritual truths and practical tips. Its candid message brings hope and encouragement to those caring for aging loved ones. 

C.L.  “A must read for Caretakers including their friends!”
“Valeri’s book gives the caretakers quite an uplift and it allows their friends and families to know how they can be of help and true comforting support. Best of all, she shows that reliance on the Lord’s strength is the only true path to love and forgiveness for even the ‘meanest’ of patients.”


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S.M.  – “Good for those who are caring for elderly family members”
Great God-centered, Bible-based instruction and encouragement for those in the season of life when they are caring for elderly parents.
R – “Informative and Inspirational”
Would be easier if all caregivers had medical knowledge and a way to get someone to help out when needed.
D.U. – “Helpful and interesting”
“I was quite impressed with this book. It gave lots of very practical information about caregiving for the elderly. The many anecdotes were both instructive and interesting. I actually found myself wanting to continue reading and not put it down several times. I would highly recommend this book.”
L.C. – “Extremely helpful for the Caregiving Tasks”
“With so little written on the subject, especially from a biblical viewpoint, I found this easy to read manual on caregiving to be extremely helpful for the place our family finds itself in with caring for aging parents. Each chapter addresses a pertinent area of caregiving and gives applicable Scriptures and practical tips for understanding the needs our loved ones and also we have in the caregiving process.  I really enjoyed reading examples of real life scenarios – whether they were those of the author or other contributors. Valeri speaks from experience and has the credentials to give expert information on the subject of caregiving. I highly recommend this book for all ages as someday sooner than you think you may find yourself on either end of the caregiving spectrum!”